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Call for Papers 2018

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble: Educational possibilities brewed with place, people and philosophy
Rotorua, New Zealand   7-11 Dec 2018

Call for Papers

This call for papers invites conference participants to respond to these provocations, considering possibilities, reflecting on pasts, exploring ideas of the spectre, the haunting, the Other, the nether-world, and the role of the philosophy of education in addressing such imaginations and realities. Philosophical considerations of the theme of haunting and spectre, may stand alongside considerations regarding the place in which we meet, a primal and abundant land that spews forth steam and implications of fertility. What portents are suggested for the ecological future, and what possible role will education have to play in that indeterminate future? And what of the phenomenological dimension of relations portrayed by the witches at the cauldron?

These witches, the weird sisters, prophesise that some participants may wish to ignore their words. Proposals are welcome that engage within the domains of philosophy of education, including any other appropriate topics with a focus on educational philosophy and theory. Symposia are also welcomed.

Types of Submissions

Submissions may be in the form of a presentation, refereed paper, or a symposium. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Conference Organising Committee. The Committee will allocate abstracts to the programme taking into account the quality of each abstract, the balance of the programme and the relevance of the paper relating to the Conference theme.

Submission Formats

  • Presentation (of work in progress, non-refereed) – requires an abstract and oral presentation of 20 – 25 minutes + 5 minutes questions and audience discussion. A presentation will be a work in progress and may use PowerPoint onsite at the Conference.
  • Refereed Paper – requires an abstract and oral presentation of 25 – 30 minutes including questions. Accepted papers will be published on the Congress website.
  • Symposium – a set of 3 – 4 papers or a panel discussion on a specific topic. Each papers requires an abstract and oral presentation of 25 – 30 minutes including questions. A symposium provides an opportunity to examine specific issues or topics from a variety of perspectives, maybe presenting alternative solutions, interpretations, or contrasting points of view on the topic. A symposium may use a panel discussion format on a specific topic. It may be an interactive session where a large portion of the time is devoted to discussion among the presenters and discussants, and/or questions and discussion among all those present.

Abstract Submissions open - 3 April 2018

Abstract Submission Deadline – extended to 23 July 2018

All abstract submissions must be formatted and submitted according to the abstract template that can be downloaded here.

Submit Your Abstract Here

Refereed Papers 

If you are submitting a paper for review and publication on the Conference website (only following the acceptance of the abstract and successful review of this manuscript) please ensure your paper complies with the template available in a Word Document here

At the conclusion of the abstract review process accepted authors will be provided with further information via email on how to submit their paper for review.