EPAT-150pxEducational Philosophy and Theory (EPAT) publishes articles concerned with all aspects of educational philosophy. It will also consider manuscripts from other areas of pure or applied educational research. In this latter category the journal has published manuscripts concerned with curriculum theory, educational administration, the politics of education, educational history, educational policy, and higher education.

As part of the journal's commitment to extending the dialogues of educational philosophy to the profession and education's several disciplines, it encourages the submission of manuscripts from collateral areas of study in education, the arts, and sciences, as well as from professional educators.

Nevertheless, manuscripts must be germane to the ongoing conversations and dialogues of educational philosophy.

Contact the Editor:
Michael A Peters
Distinguished Professor
Beijing Normal University
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Feedback about EPAT

Dear Michael,

I just wanted to write and say thank you for the January edition of EPAT.  I have always enjoyed and gained from reading EPAT’s articles since joining PESA two or three years ago.  But the January edition has been my favourite to date.  I have so little knowledge of eastern traditions and thoroughly enjoyed expanding my knowledge of Confucian concepts in this edition.  Reading the different articles has encouraged me to further investigate Confucianism in the future.  I really value the way in which PESA brings together eastern, western and indigenous perspectives at its conferences.  This is nicely mirrored in EPAT.  

Thank you again,

Karen Bennetts
Melbourne, Australia


Dear Michael and Susanne

I very much appreciate your kindness in writing to me as you did on my laying down my pen as a reviewer for EPAT after all these years. I think I have been with the journal for around thirty years or so and have always enjoyed the tasks that this ministry opened to me. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to have worked with you and for the journal for all this time - as I said to Susanne, it’s been quite a journey! But one full of interest and an increase in personal growth of my own too. Thank you for giving me these opportunities, which have always been much valued.

Let me in turn thank you and congratulate you for the immense strides you have made and achievements you have wrought in advancing EPAT from a small journal in this part of the world to a position of world-wide prominence and regard. It has been fascinating to see the ways in which the journal has spread and advanced the boundaries and range of Philosophy and Theory of Education and in the way that you have firmly placed it on the map of all aspirant writers and thinkers in those fields. In both of you there has been a great sense of the presence and purpose of what you could jointly do to extend the reach of the journal’s readership an d attraction and I warmly thank and congratulate you both for it. It has been a source of pleasure to work with you both and I have valued every invitation you have kindly put my way. Long may the life and vigour of the journal continue – shining its light out from New Zealand into a far larger and wider world!

With thanks, best wishes and warmest regards,
Yours ever

Emeritus Professor D N Aspin

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