PESA aims to advance educational theory, policy, and practice. Our members promote and advance research and teaching in the philosophy of education. They encourage scholarship and critique,  providing a supportive environment for students and academics in the field.

Membership is international, open to those with a demonstrable interest in philosophy of education. Our current rules are available for download as a PDF.

PESA membership annual subscription fee has three options based on your income & all provide the same benefits:

  1. Income below AU$60,000 pa = AU$80.00
  2.  Income between AU$60-100,000 pa = AU$120.00
  3.  Income between AU$100-150,000 = AU$150.00
  4.  Income over AU$150,000 pa = AU$180.00

The Society is funded mainly from income generated through its flagship journal, Educational Philosophy and Theory (EPAT) and related publications.

Enquiries and communications to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Why Join?

Benefits to being a PESA member include:

Free subscription to Educational Philosophy and Theory.



You can join PESA at any time of the year. Membership requires an annual payment, depending on your income level, at either $80, $120, $150 or $180 Australian Dollars.

All PESA membership payments require a credit card. We use Stripe for all our online payments and PESA does not store any of your credit card details.


Renew membership

Renew Membership anytime. Login with your username and password to access the renewal option in the submenu of the membership section where you are now.

Membership is normally for 12 months - if you renew early, 12 months is added to your expiry date so you can renew whenever you like.   For convenience you can also select a multi-year renewal which works in much the same way.