50th Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia Hybrid Conference

Looking back and Looking Forward

In person and online

8-10 December 2022, Sydney, Australia

We invite participants to submit abstracts for presentations and panels related to the following themes:

A. Looking back

  • What changes have taken place in (i) curriculum; (ii) teaching methods; (iii) physical environment and teaching spaces?
  • What have been the major changes in philosophy over the past 50 years and how has it impinged on philosophy of education?
  • What changes have taken place in educational philosophy and theory?
  • The rise of managerialism: What effect has this had?
  • How has immigration changed education?
  • What changes have occurred in indigenous education?

B. Looking at the now

  • How do philosophers of education ground themselves within and without the Academy?
  • In what way do philosophers of education negotiate and time and space in an increasingly demanding work sphere?
  • What are some of the existential crises (if at all) that philosophers of education commonly face?
  • What is the nature of ‘privilege’, and how do philosophers of education engage with it?

C. Looking forward

  • What changes are likely to take place in (i) curriculum; (ii) teaching methods; (iii) physical environment and teaching spaces?
  • What currents of thought will affect education in the next 50 years?
  • Will IT dominate the classroom in the future – or will it be something else?
  • Will artificial intelligence replace teachers? Lecturers?
  • Academic Freedom: will it continue to diminish?
  • What challenges does education face from multiculturalism and pluralism?
  • What is a good alternative to neo-liberalism?
  • What is the future of democracy?


Abstracts due by 1 September 2022



Rydges Sydney Central
28 Albion Street, Surry Hills
Sydney, Australia
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