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PESA Conference 2015

Re-engaging with politics: Re-imagining the university
Australian Catholic University, Melbourne   Sat 5 - Tues 8 December, 2015

Welcome PESA 2015

The Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA) warmly welcomes you to the website for the 45th Annual Conference of the society.

The Conference has now Concluded. Thanks to involved.

The conference took  place at the Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, Australia, from Saturday December 5 - Tuesday December 8 2015.


We hope you will join us for a stimulating and provoking Conference.

The conference theme is:

Re-engaging with politics: Re-imagining the university

The Conference Theme, Re-engaging with politics, re-imagining the university, invites us to reflect on the present state of higher education. It appeals to us, as philosophers of education and educators, to propose new visions of education, articulate these in the public arena and re-engage with politics to make these a practical reality.

The present age has witnessed ever-increasing governmental control not only of university funding, but also of educational practices such as assessment, curriculum content, recommended pedagogies, leadership and teaching preparation. Governments everywhere seek to directly affect educational outcomes in both teaching and research. This control threatens the very nature of universities which have been described by Giroux (2014) as being the last places which offer genuine public democratic participation. greentramConnected with this we have witnessed an approach to education policy from both sides of politics that more closely mirrors economic liberalism, favoring market forces. Academics thus far appear to have failed to articulate any coherent alternative visions of education that address the very real problems that universities, as the sources of new ideas, knowledge and independent critical thinking that are indispensable for modern democracies, face. How might philosophers of education assist with the development of such alternative visions that can be articulated in the public realm and that in order to ‘rescue the university project’ can be politically effective?  (Furlong, 2013).

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Conference Organisers:

Professor Jānis (John) Ozoliņš (Conference Chair), Australian Catholic University

Professor David Beckett, The University of Melbourne

Dr Jennifer Bleazby, Monash University

Dr John Quay, The University of Melbourne

Dr Steven Stolz, La Trobe University

Dr Maurizio Toscano, The University of Melbourne

Dr Scott Webster, Deakin University


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