Conference 2012 Taiwan 7-10 December 2012

Theme: Education Crossing Boundaries

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Mei-ying Chen

Self-empowerment of Vietnamese New Immigrant Females of Taiwan-Vietnam Cross-border Marriages Living in Taiwan

Michael Peters

Tina Besley

Interculturalism, education and dialogue – cosmopolitan approaches to diversity

Ruyu Hung

Place and education: In the light of Proust and Thoreau

Kyung Eun Jahng

Soo Jung Lee

Transforming Multicultural Education in South Korea

Robert Shaw

Michelle Zhou

The bonds of language: English language business eduction at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Chin-Hsiu Tai

Che-Wei Lee

Hsing-Chau Tseng

Cultural Difference and Recruitment Strategy: A Case Study of Indigenous Secondary School

Ming Yu Cheng

Bernt R. Wahl

Foreseeing the Future of Higher Education

Toomas Truuvert

Evolution of Ideas: Curriculum Formation in Undergraduate Finance

Toomas Truuvert

Rhian Webb

Ed Watts

Contextualized Communicative Competencies and Students’ Learning Experiences in Applied Corporate Finance

Jina Bhang

Creativity as 'image-making': Rethinking of poetic freedom by Michael Oakeshott

Enceria Damanik

Jill Aldridge

Transformational leadership: The impact of leadership style on school climate and teacher self-efficacy in indonesian schools

Joff Bradley

Torn into a thousand bits: the zerrissenheit of subjectivity

Ho-chia Chueh

Chia-hsin Lee

Journalism education in liquid modernity: the case of tertiary journalism student’s media internship experiences

Hui-Lan Wang

Ted Yu-Chung Liu

Illuminating the way of knowing :The discourse of spirituality and new imagination of the children

Reiko Muroi

Humanistic tradition in the modern thought of education: Reconsideration from Rousseau's reception of Petrarch

Chin-Chueh Wang

Yu-de Chou

Some perspectives on post-colonialism : An analytic study of colony education in Taiwan during Japanese governing period

Mei-ying Chen

Am I a foreigner in the land of my children? A study of the development of ethnic identity among new immigrant wives in Taiwan

Yu Hsien Yeh

‘Chinese’ as the twisted others? The ‘Chinese Images’ of historical textbooks in Malay-medium secondary schools in Malaysia

Sonja Arndt

Language games and immigrant otherness: Crossing boundaries between speech and silences

Richard Heraud

The fate of paradox in the separation of philosophical and political thought

Marek Tesar

Tell tale signs: Re-conceptualizing children subjects and childhood subjectivities

Ted YuChung Liu

Factory, enterprise, entrepreneurship: On the three versions of Pedagogical imagination and their limitations

Kirsten Locke

Marek Tesar

Blood, lust and the long white cloud: Shaping childhoods towards neoliberal condition

Yeh Ann Tzu-yu

Jessica Ching-Sze Wang

Is Taiwan’s new curriculum reform lacking in morality?

Gerald Pfeifer

School discipline for social education: A new conception

ChengMing Wang

Perceptions of discipline and restorative practice in Chinese schools abstract

Tommy Tang

Conceptual development – an empirical study from a second order perspective

Chih-ling Peng

Shin-rou Huang

A study of Gender Ideology in Taiwan elementary school textbooks: Perspectives from textbook editors and reviewers

Chih-Hui Lai

Internationalisation of English language education in Taiwan: Cooperative learning through drama in the classroom

Chia-Ling Wang

What is higher education curriculum for? The reflection from the debate of outcome-based education

E. Jayne White

Circles, borders and chronotopes: Education at the boundary?

Tze-Chang Liu

Opening and crossing boundaries education: The era of open pedagogy

Teresa Swirski

Movement, mindfulness and 'otherwise than being': Exploring liminality in educational practices

Lynley Tulloch

Emilie in the wild: Education, enlightenment and the exploitation of nature.

Trish McMenamin

Neither confirmed nor denied: A consideration of the policy position with respect to special schools in New Zealand’s Special Education 2000 policy.

Tracey Carlyon

Anthony Fisher

Crossing age boundaries: A route to leadership

Jau-wei Dan

The importance of self-recognition as Virtue

Liz Jackson

Challenges to the concept of student-centered learning with special reference to the United Arab Emirates: “Never fail a Nahayan”

Yating Lee

Infusion between Aesthetic Literacy and Professional Training in the Pre-service Teachers Program

Jānis Tālivaldis Ozoliņš

Confucian education: A new look at an old tradition

Po-Nien Chen

Aesthetic experience as Man’s search for self-realization

Bree Loverich

Assessment, surveillance and control: A case study

Ya-Ling Wu

Sociocultural Contexts and Learning: Vietnamese Immigrant Women in Taiwanese Vocational Training Programs

Chien-Chung Hsu

Understanding children in need of additional education interventions in Taiwanese non-government child welfare services: From NGO’s perspectives

Brenda Hui-Lin Hsieh

Ching-Jung Hsieh

The Constituent Elements of Global Perspectives of Cross-Boundary-Teachers (FETs)

Yun-shiuan Chen

Knowledge and Translation in Education Crossing Boundaries

Inkeri Ruokonen

Heikki Ruismäki

Philosophical and educational issues that underpin the Finnish system of education

ChaoKuei Wu

Emerging identities: An example from teaching music in Taiwan

Jesus Principe

Teachers as transcultural guardians: A lesson from Plato

David Beckett

Emerging expertise

John Calvert

The streams flow on: re-visiting the boundaries between ability groups

Mei-Hui Chou

Fwu-Yuan Weng

Tsung-Kuo Tien-Liu

Wen-Tsung Lai

School management ideas of primary principals: Application of fuzzy statistics

Nicolas Tanchuk

Bordering critical thought in cosmopolitan education: Pragmatic imperialist hegemony or cross-cultural dialectical recognition?

Adrian Huang

In search of sojourners’ cross-cultural adaptation: East Asian international students in the United States

Eva Alerby

Krister Hertting

Susanne Westman

Beyond the boundaries of the classroom: rethinking places for learning

Nesta Devine

Thinking past methodological individualism in the construction of the academic self.

Yi-Ping Lo

Michelle Barker

Ray Hibbins

The influence of Taiwanese immigrant mothers on the education and ethnic identity formation of their children

Robert Shaw

The boundary of time: Heidegger’s phenomenology of time as the precursor of a new pedagogy

David Cole

Deleuze and the subversion of the real: Pragmatics in education

Sean Blenkinsop

Chris Beeman

The experienced idea: Using experiential approaches to teach philosophical concepts

Chiaping Chen

Ruyu Hung

Sheng-Mo Chen

Learning about the forestry-culture:A case study of place-based cross-curricular programme in a primary school in Taiwan

Andrew Gibbons

Ming-Hua (Rita) Huang

Border crossing and the problem of play-based curriculum: Intercultural research on philosophies of play and experiences of migrant families

Georgina Stewart

Orthodoxy, science and language in Kaupapa Māori schooling

Gerald Argenton

Boundaries and beyond: Reconsidering the unknown as a formative element

Jeffrey Morgan

Emptiness and the education of the emotions

Hunter McEwan

Beyond facilitating: The art of making things difficult

Ruyu Hung

Morimichi Kato

Duck-Joo Kwak

Eun-Ju Park

Humanistic ideals and humanistic relations for the education of post-modern era: Exploring from the Eastern tradition

John Quay

Organizing education: Boundaries of knowledge, of activity, of life.

Jessica Ching-Sze Wang

The idea of critical thinking and the aim of philosophy for children: Thinking beyond critical thinking

Filipe D. Santos

Using literature in philosophy of education

Chen Huiching

Ruyu Hung

Levinas’ ethics of responsibility-for-the-other and its implications for ecological thinking

Margaret Stuart

Out of place: economic imperialism in early childhood education.

Veronica K. Hotton

To bound boundaries: A phenomenological inquiry of walking in pedagogic practice

Chi-Ming Lam

When Popper meets Lipman: Promoting falsificationism through philosophy for children

Yu-nan Su

The priority of the right and the obligation?-The Implications of demonstrate to human rights education on asian value

Tone Kvernbekk

Effective schools: A causal analysis

Christoph Teschers

Education for life: Practical implications of the art of living for education

Steven Stolz

G. Ryle on intelligence concepts and its implications for practical pursuits within the curriculum

Chiaping Chen

Ruyu Hung

Pedagogy of desire: a postmodern appraisal of ‘teacher evaluation for professional development project’ in Taiwan

Andrew Gibbons

The fortitude of a failure to believe in educational borders: Lessons from Albert Camus

Cheu-Jey Lee

In search of subjectivity: A reflection of a teacher educator in a cross-cultural context