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The Evolution of Truth | Michael Peters | TEDxRuakura


Michael A Peters made a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand

Professor Michael A. Peters was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand this first week of March 2018. The Royal Society indicates “We have more than 400 Fellows (FRSNZ) who have been elected to our Academy for distinction in research or for advancing science, technology and the humanities. We have been electing Fellows since 1919.” Professor Peters was also a Fellow of the New Zealand Association of Humanities before it joined with the Royal Society. The Philosophy of Education of Australasia (PESA) is an affiliated society. Professor Peters is the Executive Editor of PESA flagship SSCI journal Educational Philosophy and Theory (EPAT). He recently wrote an editorial with Prof Tina Besley “The Royal Society, the making of ‘science’ and the social history of truth” examining the original charter for the Royal Society (Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge) granted by Charles II in 1662 that named twenty members under William Brouncker (2nd Viscount Brouncker) as the first President and included such luminaries as Robert Boyle, natural philosopher, chemist and  physicist, and the theologian John Wilkins, as well as Henry Oldenburg, a German theologian and later Editor of The Philosophical Transactions. The Royal Society of New Zealand established in 1933 was preceded by the New Zealand Institute set up under an Act of Parliament in 1867. Peters is a philosopher of education influenced by Wittgenstein and Foucault who has an interest in the political economy of knowledge and education, and a practical focus on academic publishing and forms of open science and education.

Philosophy and Theory in Higher Education

A new journal from Peter Lang Publishing
in association with The University of Alabama.

Philosophy and Theory in Higher Education is an international refereed scholarly journal committed to advancing understanding of the role(s) and purpose(s) of higher education.

Attachment 1: Journal Flyer_CFP_2017.pdf

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Algorithmic Capitalism in the Epoch of Digital Reason

New article by Michael Peters, in the latest issue of Fast Capitalism.

New open access article

PESA members may be interested in reading this topical article by Henry Giroux titled 'Political Frauds, Donald Trump, and the Ghost of Totalitarianism' which is published in our journal Knowledge Cultures and is available open access:

New open access article

PESA members may be interested in reading this topical article by Henry Giroux titled 'Political Frauds, Donald Trump, and the Ghost of Totalitarianism' which is published in our journal Knowledge Cultures and is available open access:

The Official Launch of the Video Journal of Education & Pedagogy

After several years of planning we are delighted to officially launch the new journal. The Editorial Interview and first articles have been finally published. Editor-in-Chief: Michael A. Peters; Co-Editor: E. Jayne White

Watch the Editorial Interview and view the first video articles at

The journal is supported by The Association of Visusal Pedagogies
President: Tina Besley
Please join the Association.

The Association held its first conference in Zagreb, Croatia, June 18-19, 2016 -
Conference Organisers: Petar Jandrić & Milan Bajić

"The Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy represents a new movement in academic publishing by establishing the first video journal in the field of education and an open access database of video articles that captures the latest developments in educational practice, including teacher education, classroom teacher and child observation."

"The journal aims to provide a platform for educational research in teacher education and demonstrated pedagogy as a ready means to capture and globally share practitioner knowledge. It aims also to provide a research forum for the production of video articles to facilitate video data collection, production and analysis. The journal aims to develop integrated visual approaches to educational research and practitioner knowledge in order to encourage innovation and to establish a new research frontiers in education."

We would like to acknowledge our Associated Societies: Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, University of Waikato (NZ); Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia; Institute of Education, Massey University (NZ): College of Educational Studies, Chapman University (USA) ; Department of Learning and Philosophy, Aalborg University (Denmark) ; Faculty of Education, University of Auckland (NZ); Department of Informatics and Computing, University of Applied Sciences(Croatia); National Taiwan University

Educational Philosophy and Theory (EPAT)

The PESA journal, Educational Philosophy and Theory (EPAT) has a just-released 2015 Impact Factor of 0.415, up from 0.314 in 2014. EPAT now ranks 195/230 in the Education & Educational Research category.

Top honour for research excellence

13 May 2016

At a celebration of the University of Auckland’s continued excellence in research, Faculty of Education and Social Work academic Dr Kirsten Locke has received top honours for Early Career Research Excellence.

PESA member wins prestigious award

Congratulations to Marek Tesar for being awarded a University of Auckland ECREA - Early Career Research Excellence Award

PESA Scholarship Deadline looms

If you think you meet the criteria for the prestigious PESA Scholarship, or believe you have a student who does, this is a reminder of the EXTENDED CLOSING DATE of 30th April 2015.

AAP statement on gender

The AAP has produced the second of a series of notes that will collectively
make up an AAP statement on gender: see

All AAP members -- and, indeed, everyone associated with philosophy
in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore -- are asked to think carefully about the
further material that is linked to the note, and about the content of the
note itself.

Graham Oppy
Chair, AAP Council

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