Conference 2011 Auckland 1-4 December 2011

Theme: Educational Futures

Call for papers

Conference Programme and Abstracts

Proceedings from 2011 Conference (ISBN: 978-0-646-54993-4)

  • A Deweyian Notion of Children's Participation Rights and its Implications for Education (Jennifer Bleazby, Monash University) PDF / Word
  • An Anthropocentric Approach of Dewey's Philosophy of Education (Po-Nien Chen, Transworld University, Taiwan) PDF / Word
  • Art for Dishonour - The Suffering of Others and Sympathy's Education (John Freeman-Moir, University of Canterbury) PDF / Word
  • Bildung, Virtual Terrorism, and Digital Awakening- Towards a Pedagogy for a Discontinuous Future (Glenn-Egil Torgersen & Herner Sæverot, Norwegian Defense University College and University of Bergen, Norway) PDF / Word
  • Bits, Bytes and Dinosaurs- Using Levinas and Freire to address the concept of 'Twenty-first Century Learning'; (Leon Benade, New Zealand Tertiary College) PDF / Word
  • Boarding Schools- Educational heterotopias or allotopias (F. Delfim Santos, University of Canterbury) PDF / Word
  • Deconstructing the Metanarrative of the 21st Century Skills Movement (Jim Greenlaw, University of Ontario, Institute of Technology, Canada) PDF / Word
  • Does Philosophy of Education Have a Future (John A. Clark, Massey University) PDF / Word
  • Education as spectacle (Trevor Thwaites, The University of Auckland) PDF / Word
  • Effectiveness of Developing Pathways to University Entry for Low Socioeconomic Status Students (Swapan K. Saha, Vivian W. Y. Tam, Mary Hardie, University of Western Sydney) PDF / Word
  • Exploring the Future Form of Pedagogy - Education and Eros (Inna Semetsky, University of Newcastle) PDF / Word
  • Exploring Transformative Learning in the Open and Distance Learning Environment (Puvana Natanasabapathy, Josephine Bourke, Renu Joshi, Open Polytechnic) PDF / Word
  • Heidegger's Reinscription of Paideia in the Context of Online Learning (Christopher Naughton & John Roder, New Zealand Tertiary College and The University of Auckland) PDF / Word
  • Justice for All - Special Education 2000 and the politics of difference (Trish McMenamin, University of Canterbury) PDF / Word
  • Luck, Choice and Educational Equality (John Calvert, University of Canterbury) PDF / Word
  • Network or Net worth?: Deconstructing the Knowledge Society (Maxine Dyer, University of Canterbury)
  • Paulo Freire's Educational Thought of Dialogue and Its Implications for Teachers and Teaching (Yi-Huang Syi, Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health, Taiwan) PDF / Word
  • Reclaiming paedeia in an age of crises- education and the necessity of wisdom (Janis (John) Talivaldis Ozolinš, Australian Catholic University) PDF / Word
  • Social Constructionism - A postmodern lens on the dynamics of social learning (Maurice Alford, Lytton High School) PDF / Word
  • The Art of Living and Positive Psychology in Dialogue (Christoph Teschers, University of Canterbury) PDF / Word
  • The Subject after Humanism - Towards an Open Subjectivity for Education (Guoping Zhao, Social Foundations of Education, Oklahoma State University) PDF / Word
  • Theoretical considerations regarding Social Work Education - Do Ethics Matter and if so how do you teach them (Lester Thompson, Malcolm Pumpa, Charles Darwin University and Queensland University of Technology) PDF / Word
  • Time for Experience- Growing up under the experience economy (Gerald Argenton, Tamagawa University, Japan) PDF / Word
  • Towards a creative conception of philosophy of education - The implications of Deleuzian thinking (Ted Yu-Chung Liu, National Pingtung University of Education, Taiwan) PDF / Word
  • Understanding public organisations-collective intentionality as cooperation (Robert Shaw, The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand) PDF / Word
  • Utopia or Dystopia - A critical examination of the Melbourne Declaration (Rachel Buchanan, Amy Chapman, University of Newcastle and Australian Catholic University) PDF / Word