Sarah Gurr, 2021

University of Newcastle, Australia
Ethical Dilemmas and Moral Uncertainties for Environmental and Sustainability Educators at the Australian Coal Face
Supervisors: Dr Daniella J. Forster, Professor Tom G. Griffiths


Jacoba 2018


Jacoba Matapo, 2018
The University of Auckland
Re-imagining Pasifika leadership in higher education
Supervisors: Prof. Nesta Devine, Dr Tanya Samu


Cong Lin

Cong Lin, 2020
The University of Hong Kong
Constructing Chinese identity: Multiculturalism in Chinese societies and its future
Supervisors: Prof. Liz Jackson and Prof. Wing Wah Law



Judith Catton, 2017
University of Canterbury
Attention, literature and education
Supervisors: Prof. Peter Roberts, Dr Trish McMenamin

Yulia Nesterova

Yulia Nesterova, 2017
The University of Hong Kong
Developing Indigenous Education in Taiwan: Indigenous Perspectives and Possibilities
Supervisors: Assoc. Prof. Liz Jackson, Prof. Gerard A. Postiglione

vennessa cameron lewis

Vanessa Cameron-Lewis , 2016

andrew thompson

Andrew Thompson, 2016
The University of Auckland
Arguments over educational purpose: the limit of philosophy in contemporary educational discourse
Supervisors: Prof. Carol Mutch, Prof. Kirsten Locke


Maurice Alford

Maurice Alford, 2015
Auckland University of Technology
Defending our education heritage: how teacher collegial conversations conserve the values of the teacher community
Supervisors: Assoc. Prof Nesta Devine & Assoc. Prof Andrew Gibbons

Robert Stratford

Robert Stratford, 2015
University of Waikato
Higher Education and the Global Environmental Crisis
Supervisors: Prof Michael A. Peters & Assoc. Prof Jayne White


Sonja Arndt, 2014
University of Waikato
Delirious constructions: Foreigners, strangers and too strange strangers
Supervisors:  Prof Tina Besley, Prof Michael A. Peters & Assoc. Prof Wendy Drewery


Sharyn Heaton, 2014
University of Waikato
Kia whai kiko te whare tapa whā. Rebuilding a 'whare' body of knowledge to inform future Hauora developments in curriculum.
Supervisors: Assoc. Prof Margie Hohepa & Dr Carl Mika



Michael Derby, 2013
Simon Fraser University, Canada
Reading and Being Read: Towards an Ecopoetic Understanding of Education
Supervisor: Dr Sean Blenkinsop


Filipe Santos, 2013
University of Canterbury, New Zealand
The Boarding School Novel and its Contributions to Educational Research
Supervisors: Prof Peter Roberts & Dr. Kathleen Quinliven


Marek Tesar, 2012
University of Auckland
Governing childhoods through stories
Supervisors: Prof Alison Jones, Dr Iris Duhn & Assoc. Prof. Carol Mutch


Richard Heraud, 2012
University of Waikato
The innovative subject: A philosophical perspective
Supervisors: Prof Michael A. Peters & Dr Jayne White


Steven A. Stolz , 2011
Australian Catholic University (ACU)
Do sport and physical education have an important role to play in educational institutions?
Supervisor: Prof Janis (John) Tâlivaldis Ozolinš

Christoph Teschers, 2010
University of Canterbury
Education and the Art of Living
Supervisors: Prof Peter Roberts, Dr. Kathleen Quinlivan


E. Jayne White, 2009
Monash University
Assessment in New Zealand Early Childhood Education: A Bakhtinian analysis of toddler metaphoricity.
Supervisor: Dr Joce Nuttall

Elizabeth Cranley, 2009

Queensland University of Technology
Creative Integrity: The art of teaching ethics
Supervisors: Prof. Brad Haseman, Dr Sarah Davey-Chesters


Clinton Golding, 2008
University Of Melbourne
"That's a better idea!" Philosophical progress and Philosophy for Children
Supervisors: David Beckett, Douglas Adeney

Kirsten Locke, 2008
University of Auckland
Shadows of Sound. Music, Pedagogy and Writing the Inaudible
Supervisors: Dr David Lines, Professor Peter Roberts


Eleanor Horton, 2007
University of Newcastle
An Exploration of the Politics of
Difference in Nursing

Supervisor: Dr. Mike Hazelton

Robert Shaw, 2007
University of Auckland
Heideggerian Pedagogy: Horizons of disclosure acquired in schools
Supervisors: Assoc. Prof. Robin Small, Assoc. Prof. Peter Roberts

Linda Graham, 2006
Queensland University of Technology
Caught in the Net: A Foucauldian cartography of pedagogical systems of formation and the ‘behaviourally disordered child'
Supervisors: Dr. Gordon Tait, Dr. Claire O’Farrell

Sandy Farquhar, 2006
University of Auckland
Narrative Identity in Early Childhood
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Peter Roberts
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