50th Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia Hybrid Conference

Looking back and Looking Forward

In person and online

8-10 December 2022, Sydney, Australia

Philosophy of Education in Australasia: Looking back and Looking Forward

For 50 years, the PESA conferences have celebrated innovation and diversity in philosophy of education scholarship. The conferences have generated opportunities for academic friendships, intellectual partnerships and collegial arguments. At our 50th PESA conference, we will remember and celebrate the society’s distinguished and exciting past while also reflecting on the present and future of philosophy of education in Australasia. This conference will provide both in-person and online participation.

The 50th conference will highlight the history of PESA since 1970 and its contributions to, and achievements within, the local and wider philosophical and educational community. Furthermore, the conference will offer opportunities to reflect on the currents of thought, approaches to philosophy of education, and changes to education that have occurred in the last 50 years. When the first PESA conference was held at the University of NSW in 1970, the place of philosophy of education in the Australian and New Zealand educational landscape was very different to what it is today.

This conference will also look forward by considering the place of philosophy in education today and in the future. It will ask: What is the role of philosophy of education in times of both uncertainty and innovation, where truths become fake, and knowledge is precarious and difficult? And, how can philosophy of education help us face contemporary political, ecological, health, humanitarian and other crises?

Through looking back and looking forward, this conference will consider the implications of past and future change for our wider communities. It will ask, what even is community, in an era of continuous crises and pandemics? Scholars, activists, educationalists and philosophers have called for sustainable and equitable acts of community, framed by kaleidoscopic shifts in how people interact and communicate. Community acts as a relational encounter of responsibility and working together. This relationality occurs despite—and perhaps because of— ontological, epistemological, and cultural differences. Community might be imagined in ways that separate us: limited by ideological boundaries drawn according to geography, membership or status. But community can also draw us together in scholarly endeavours. Looking back and looking forward challenges what is and what isn’t remembered in history, what is and what is not an archive, what is and what is not community. It challenges what a learned society should be and raises questions about what constitutes philosophy of education.



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