Michael A. Peters Answers the Questions: Video Interview

As Editor of Educational Philosophy and Theory, Michael answers a number of questions about the journal, as part of a series that Routledge is conducting with the editors of some of its key Education journals. The interviews are aimed at students, educational researchers, academics and interested others. The interviews provide information about the editors in question, details about the creation of their journal and its purpose and scope within the wider sphere of educational research. Each editor is also asked to offer advice, hints and tips to prospective authors who may be hoping to submit papers to their journal.

Watch the videos or download the transcript (378kb), as Michael addresses the following questions.

  1. For researchers or students who have never encountered Educational Philosophy and Theory, what is the journal about in a nutshell? Response... (6:04)
  2. What do you think are the most contentious issues in contemporary debate and research in education that your journal seeks to address? Response... (4:50)
  3. Who would you describe as being your core readership or audience? Response... (2:56)
  4. For researchers considering submitting to the journal, what do you look for when considering articles and submissions? Response... (3:18)
  5. What are your aspirations for the future of the journal? Response... (5:23)
  6. Do you have any specific advice for researchers seeking publication who write about and from contexts traditionally unrepresented in international journals? Response... (2:03)
  7. Why do you think people should consider Educational Philosophy and Theory as an outlet for their work in educational philosophy? Response... (2:01)

For interviews with Editors of other educational journals, visit the Taylor & Francis Group Education Arena.

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