Peters, Michael A., Citizenship, Human Rights and Identity: Prospects of a Liberal Cosmopolitan Order, (Addleton Academic Publications : New York) 2013

This book focuses on the notion of citizenship in relation to the notions of
human rights, identity and culture. It poses the question of the prospects of a
liberal cosmopolitan order dealing with a number of interrelated themes:
ethics, emancipation and what Derrida calls the “new humanities;” identity,
war and crimes against humanity; citizenship, and education rights within a
knowledge economy; colonization, development and peace; changing notions
of democracy within an information society; and culture, difference and
otherness. These are the themes that make problematic aspects of the liberal
cosmopolitan order. One of the main tropes connecting these themes is how
the primary liberal values of freedom, emancipation and equality work out in
a globalized world. The interrelationship of these values are problematized in
different settings as they relate to issues of global world order with a focus on
the adaptability of the liberal framework of values and law in creating a
genuine cosmopolitan order.

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