Grierson, E.M. & Brearley, L, Creative Arts Research: Narratives of Methodologies and Practices, (Sense Publishers : Rotterdam) 2009

Creative Arts Research: Narratives of Methodologies and Practices is an innovative set of essays that grows out of active engagement with arts practice, pedagogy and research. The collection presents a selection of arts-based research projects, their methodologies, practices and guiding philosophies, and throws new light on a range of issues that bring artists, designers, and performers into conversation with one another. The collection weaves together theoretical and applied dimensions of creative arts research. Following Martin Heidegger, the lead authors, Elizabeth Grierson and Laura Brearley situate the text through consideration of ways of framing, knowing and being, looking and listening, analysing, being-with, proposing, acting and reflecting, constructing, performing, deconstructing, and learning. Heidegger’s notion of “gathering” and his proposition, “Questioning builds a way ... the way is one of thinking” provides the means to link the different chapters. This wide-ranging metaphoric device allows the authors to emphasise a set of fundamental questions concerning epistemologies, ways of knowing, and ontologies, ways of being, and the relations between the two. Their book opens a conceptual space to recognise the diversity of practices that count as creative arts research.

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