Books 2023

Wei, Flora Liuying , Zehou Li and the Aesthetics of Educational Maturity, (Routledge)

Ruyu Hung (ed.), Nature, Art, and Education in East Asia: Philosophical Connections, (Routledge)

Books 2021

Gert Biesta, World-Centred Education: A View for the Present, (Routledge)

Masamichi Ueno (ed.), School Reform and Democracy in East Asia, (Routledge)

Gregory, Maughn Rollins and Laverty, Megan Jane (ed.), Gareth B. Matthews, The Child's Philosopher, (Routledge)

Laverty, Megan J. and Hansen, David T. (ed.), A History of Western Philosophy of Education, (Bloomsbury)

Burgh, Gilbert; Thornton, Simone, Teaching democracy in an age of uncertainty: Place-responsive learning, (Routledge)

Choo, Suzanne S., Teaching ethics through literature: The significance of Ethical Criticism in a global age, (Routledge)

Stolz, Steven (ed.), The Body, Embodiment, and Education: An Interdisciplinary Approach, (Routledge)

Stolz, S., & Webster, S. (ed.), Measuring Up in Education, (Routledge)

D'Olimpio, L., Paris, P., & Thompson, A. (ed.), Educating Character Through the Arts, (Routledge)

Books 2020

Jackson, Liz, Beyond Virtue: The Politics of Educating Emotion, (Cambridge University Press)

Kahembe, Joyce, and Jackson, Liz, Educational Assessment in Tanzania A Sociocultural Perspective, (Springer)

Jackson, Liz, Contesting Education and Identity in Hong Kong, (Routledge)

Masamichi Ueno, Yasunori Kashiwagi, Kayo Fujii, Tomoya Saito, Taku Murayama, Manabi and Japanese Schooling: Beyond Learning in the Era of Globalisation, (Routledge)

Barnett, R., & Bengtsen, S. S. E., Knowledge and the University: Re-claiming Life, (Routledge)

Haynes, Bruce (ed.), Trust and Schooling, (Routledge)

Books 2019

Thomas, Louise M., Reinertsen, Anne B. (ed.), Academic Writing and Identity Constructions, (Palgrave Macmillan)

Jackson, Liz & Peters, Michael A. (ed.), Feminist Theory in Diverse Productive Practices: An EPAT Gender & Sexualities Reader, Volume VI, (Routledge)

Jackson, Liz & Peters, Michael A. (ed.), From ‘Aggressive Masculinity’ to ‘Rape Culture’: An EPAT Gender and Sexualities Reader, Volume V, (Routledge)

Jackson, Liz, Questioning Allegiance: Resituating Civic Education, (Routledge)

Pham Lien, International Graduates Returning to Vietnam, (Springer )

Ruyu Hung (ed.), Cultivation of Self in East Asian Philosophy of Education, (Routledge)

Gert Biesta, Obstinate Education: Reconnecting School and Society, (Brill | Sense)

Kamp, Annelies (ed.), Education Studies in Aotearoa: Key disciplines and emerging directions, (NZCER Press)

Lund, Birthe & Arndt, Sonja (ed.), The Creative University: Contemporary responses to the changing role of the University, (Brill/Sense)

Hager, Paul and Beckett, David, The Emergence of Complexity: Rethinking Education as a Social Science, (Springer)

Books 2018

Hung, Ruyu, Education between Speech and Writing Crossing the Boundaries of Dao and Deconstruction, (Routledge)

D'Olimpio, Laura., Media and Moral Education: A philosophy of critical engagement, (Routledge)

Stolz, Steven, Alasdair MacIntyre, Rationality and Education: Against Education of Our Age, (Springer)

Ceder, Simon, Towards a Posthuman Theory of Educational Relationality, (Routledge)

Burgh, Gilbert & Thornton, Simone (ed.), Philosophical Inquiry with Children: The Development of an Inquiring Society in Australia, (Routledge)

Quay, J., Bleazby, J., Stolz, S., Toscano, M., & Webster, S. (ed.), Theory and Philosophy in Education Research: Methodological Dialogues, (Routledge)

Books 2017

Benade, Leon, Being a teacher in the 21st century: A critical New Zealand research study, (Springer)

Benade, Leon; Jackson, Mark (ed.), Transforming education: Design and governance in global contexts, (Springer)

Teschers, Christoph, Education and Schmid's Art of Living, (Routledge)

Masamichi Ueno, Democratic Education and the Public Sphere Towards John Dewey’s theory of aesthetic experience, (Routledge)

Books 2016

White, E. Jayne, Introducing dialogic pedagogy: Provocations for the early years, (Routledge)

Lam, Chi-Ming & Park, Jae (ed.), Sociological and Philosophical Perspectives on Education in the Asia-Pacific Region, (Springer)

Books 2015

Peters, Michael A., & Besley, Tina (A.C.) (ed.), Paulo Freire: The Global Legacy, (Peter Lang)

Peters, Michael A., Paraskeva, João M., & Besley, Tina (A.C.) (ed.), The Global Financial Crisis & Educational Restructuring, (Peter Lang)

Quay, John, Understanding life in school: From academic classroom to outdoor education, (Palgrave Macmillan)

Rule, Peter, Dialogue and Boundary Learning, (Sense Publishers)

Books 2014

Stolz, Steven, The Philosophy of Education: A New Perspective, (Routledge)

Lazariou, George (ed.), Liber amicorum: A Philosophical Conversation among Friends • A Festschrift for Michael A. Peters, (Addleton Academic Publications)

Jackson, Liz, Muslims and Islam in U.S. Education: Reconsidering Multiculturalism, (Routledge)

Dr Si Belkacem TAIEB, Decolonizing Indigenous Education: An Amazigh-Berber Ethnographic journey, (Palgrave MacMillan)

Books 2013

Peters, Michael A., Education, Science and Knowledge Capitalism: Creativity and the Promise of Openness, (Peter Lang)

Roberts, P. & Peters, M.A., Better Worlds: Education, Art, and Utopia, (Lexington Books)

Quay, John, John Dewey and Education Outdoors, (Sense Publishers)

Bleazby, Jennifer, Social Reconstruction Learning: Dualism, Dewey and Philosophy in Schools, (Routledge)

Lam, Chi-Ming, Childhood, Philosophy and Open Society: Implications for Education in Confucian Heritage Cultures, (Springer)

John O'Toole and David Beckett, Educational Research: Creative Thinking and Doing, (Oxford University Press)

Engels-Schwarzpaul, A.-Chr., & Peters, M. A. (Eds.), Of Other Thoughts: Non-traditional ways to the doctorate. A guidebook for candidates and supervisors, (Sense Publishers)

Peters, Michael A. & Besley, Tina (ed.), The Creative University, (Sense)

Besley, Tina & Peters, Michael A. (ed.), Re-imagining the Creative University for the 21st Century, (Sense)

Peters, Michael A., Citizenship, Human Rights and Identity: Prospects of a Liberal Cosmopolitan Order, (Addleton Academic Publications)

Peters, Michael A., Besley, Tina, & Araya, Daniel (ed.), The New Development Paradigm: Education, Knowledge Economy and Digital Futures, (Peter Lang)

Books 2012

Besley, Tina & Peters, Michael A. (ed.), Interculturalism, Education and Dialogue, (Peter Lang)

Roberts, P., From West to East and Back Again An Educational Reading of Hermann Hesse’s Later Work, (Sense Publishers)

Benade, L.W., From Technicians to Teachers: Ethical Teaching in the Context of Globalized Education Reform., (Continuum International)

Peters, Michael A., Obama and The End of the American Dream: Essays in Political and Economic Philosophy, (Sense)

Peters, Michael A., Education, Philosophy and Politics: The Selected Works of Michael A. Peters, (Routledge)

Books 2011

Peters, M.A. and Bulut, E. (ed.), Cognitive Capitalism, Education and the Question of Immaterial Labor, (Peter Lang)

Peters, M.A., Neoliberalism and After? Education, Social Policy and the Crisis of Capitalism, (Peter Lang)

White, E. Jayne & Peters, Michael A. (ed.), Bakhtinian Pedagogy, (Peter Lang)

Peters, Michael A. & J. G. York (ed.), Leo Strauss, Education, and Political Thought, (Rowman and Littlefield.)

Semetsky, Inna (ed.), Semiotics Education Experience, (Sense Publishers)

White, E.J. & Johansson, E. (ed.), Educational research with our youngest: Voices of infants and toddlers, (Springer)

Books 2010 and Earlier

Grierson, E. & Forrest, D. (ed.), The Doctoral Journey in Art Education: Reflections on Doctoral Studies by Australian and New Zealand, (Australian Scholarly Publishing)

Grierson, E.M. & Brearley, L, Creative Arts Research: Narratives of Methodologies and Practices, (Sense Publishers)

Roberts, P., Paulo Freire in the 21st Century: Education, Dialogue, and Transformation, (Paradigm)

Georgina Stewart, Good Science? The Growing Gap between Power and Education, (Sense Publishers)

Farquhar, Sandy, Ricoeur, Identity and Early Childhood, (Rowman and Littlefield)

Marginson, S., Murphy, P. & Peters, M., Imagination: Three Models of Imagination in the Age of the Knowledge Economy, (Peter Lang)

Thrupp, Martin & Irwin, Ruth, Another Decade of New Zealand Education Policy: Where to Now?, (Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research)

Besley, Tina (A.C.) & Peters, Michael A., Subjectivity and Truth: Foucault, Education, and the Culture of Self, (Peter Lang)

Beckett, David & John O'Toole, Educational Research: Creative Thinking and Doing, (Oxford)

Burgh, Gilbert; Field, Terri & Freakley, Mark, Ethics and the Community of Inquiry: Education for deliberative democracy, (Cengage)

Freakley, Mark; Burgh, Gilbert, Mark Freakley & Tilt MacSporran, Lyne, Values Education in Schools: A resource book for student inquiry, (ACER Press)

Dall'Alba, Gloria, Learning to be professionals, (Springer)

Dall'Alba, Gloria (ed.), Exploring education through phenomenology: Diverse approaches, (Wiley-Blackwell)

Freakley, Mark & Burgh, Gilbert, Engaging with ethics: Ethical inquiry for teachers, (Social Science Press)

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