PESA Conference 2023


Being Together in/with Place: Reimagining Educational Philosophies and Pedagogies in Transformational Times
Auckland, New Zealand   6-9 December 2023



A pre-conference workshop will be held Wed 6-Dec 9am-12pm with Liz Block and Sara O’Brien from Harvard University. The workshops will explore empirically-informed case studies that centre on real-world dilemmas of educational ethics confronting educators and policy makers. Workshop attendees will be given the opportunity to ethically reflect on these case studies to develop a mutual understanding and a shared language for discussing ethical challenges.

If you are attending the conference, please register separately for the workshop. You can also register for the workshop without registering for the conference. (Please note numbers are limited.)


TK 8x10

Liz Block

Liz Block has 20 years’ experience in teaching, principalship, and professional development in P-12 schools. She holds degrees in political science and educational theory, and works in educational ethics, sociology of education and democratic models of schooling.

Alison 8x10

Sara O’Brien

Sara O’Brien creates pedagogical tools that help educators, school and district leaders, and policy makers think through challenging ethical questions in education. She has written or co-written over a dozen normative case studies and co-edited two forthcoming international volumes of case studies and case conversations.