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Associate Professor Carl Mika
University of Waikato

In my presentation, I speculate on some issues around embodiment for the Maori academic. From a Maori perspective, to discuss embodiment calls for addressing the non-human realm as much as the human: thus, the notion that the nonhuman is sovereign informs much of this presentation.

Professor Liz Jackson
The Education University of Hong Kong

While freedom has been the subject of abstract philosophical discussion, what freedom has to do with the body and the real world have become pressing concerns during our pandemic. Across western societies whether expectations about vaccines and masks infringe upon personal freedom have become contentious topics. A neoliberal conception prevails in the United States, which dismisses the idea of freedom as capabilities and related duties of care. In Hong Kong, this neoliberal framing is uncommon. In this presentation I use the United States and Hong Kong as examples to explore freedom in liberalism, Confucianism, and Taoism, linking freedom to self-other relations as bodily experiences in the real world.


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